Zach & Hannah Bowling

Zach and Hannah both transferred to the university of Central Arkansas mid college career; Hannah from Mountain Home, Arkansas and Zach from mountain-less, albeit beautiful Winfield, Kansas. They now call Lawrence home sweet home along with their three incredible children, Elan, Emerson, and Linden.

Hannah became a full-time campus missionary in 2012 and a mom in 2015. she is a teacher and defender of God’s word. she loves discipling everyone from athletes to mathletes. If you ever need a sing-along, cupcake baking, or dancing buddy, Hannah is your girl!

Zach came from Kansas to Central Arkansas to play soccer and found a new passion: God. After living in Zambia for 10 months, preaching the Gospel and teaching soccer, Zach returned to be a campus missionary in Arkansas for 5 years before answering god's call to the university of Kansas in 2017. When Zach’s not teaching the Word, discipling, or preaching, he’s probably playing soccer, gravel biking, or making really good coffee.

Paul & Mary Harrell

Paul and Mary met at the university of Central Arkansas through chi alpha. 

Paul is from Russellville, Arkansas and came to UCA to earn his marketing degree. after graduating and spending some time in the marketplace, he felt led into ministry. he then completed the internship and a full year on staff at uca before answering the call to the university of Kansas. Paul is our dreamer. he thinks outside the box and is passionate about reaching students for Jesus. 

Mary came all the way from Nebraska to land in Central Arkansas for Jesus. after going through the intense campus missionary in training program, she also answered the call to KU. Mary fights for truth and is a fierce discipler of countless girls. together, Mary and Paul, are making kingdom waves that will be felt throughout eternity. 

Tanner & Nicole Hedstrom

tanner made his way from northwest Arkansas to the university of Arkansas as a freshman. after graduating, tanner felt the call to full time ministry and completed the internship in 2017. he keeps us in check (in the best way possible). tanner has the gift of asking 'why we do what we do' and 'who do we do it for.' tanner is also an encourager and has an incredible servant's heart. all great things when further god's kingdom.  

Nicole made her way all the way from Nashville...Arkansas that is! tanner and Nicole completed the internship together and are now at the university of Kansas. Nicole has an eye for detail. she keeps us looking good with unique designs. even more important, she disciples girls with sound truth and love. no matter what - Nicole is a loyal, strong, and dependent friend. 

Both tanner and Nicole have spent extended time in Mozambique and Vietnam. they have a heart for all people to know Jesus.